You can pay in three o five times

You want to equip a child's room or redo the living room?

From 60 € of order, you can select 3x, 3 equal installments.

From 80 € of order, you can choose to pay in 3 or 5x without expenses. For the 5x free of charge the first term is 35% of the total amount, the remaining 65% is divided into 4 deadlines. Example for a payment of 100 €, 1st monthly payment of 35 € then 4 monthly payments of 16,25 € taken from your credit card.

After the validation of your order, we will send you an email asking you:

- a photo of the identity card of the person who settles the order

- proof of residence of less than 3 months of this person

- and we will ask you to check that your credit card is valid during the 3 to 5 months of monthly payments due.

What happens if the deadlines are refused?

Your deadlines will be deducted automatically on your credit card. It is your responsibility to check that the sample is possible.

The reasons for rejections can be for example the following ones:

- expired card

- insufficient account balance

- payment cap exceeded on the week or the month, despite a credit balance

It is your responsibility to notify us by email (mentioning your reference order in letter appearing in your order confirmation and on your invoice + your payment reference in 6 figures appearing in the payment confirmation email Payzen) BEFORE any dealine of payment. In this case we create a secure payment link manual by credit card. You will just click on the link https and make your payment.

If you do not anticipate, the levy will not take place. You will be charged, in addition to the due date, 5€ for manual search and processing fees. You will receive by email a secure payment link by credit card, plus 5 €.

In summary, the payment in several times is free of charge, very comfortable, provided that you check that it is possible and takes place automatically.